Elbow Grease

It has honestly been one insane month. Spring Term ended, leaving me with a bliss one week break before the Summer Term began, and work has been work. To be truthful to myself and this blog, I haven’t written as much as I thought I would. It’s crazy because some days I come home and I can just shell out words so naturally, but those days are rare and don’t come often. I’m starting to realize what everyone says about writing is slowly coming true.

I used to think writing was a natural gift, that we could just get inspired and stay motivated to continue on writing and improving. But it’s work, real work. The hardest thing I’ve found is actually committing the act of putting words to paper. I can day dream all day and think of exciting plot points or character backgrounds but if I never write them down and get the ideas out of my head then it’s pointless. I also took too long of a break from posting on here, which is something I don’t want to do. Sitting here writing this I realize how much I’ve missed this creative outlet over the last month.

So, back to schedule. I need to make sure I’m writing every day, whether it’s on my story, flash fictions, or even posts for this blog. I need to treat this the way it deserves to be treated; as my passion. I have to keep writing every day to improve myself and discover what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve just got to put in a little elbow grease.



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