My Story

As some of my family and closest friends know, I have had a story in my head for nearly three years now. In July of 2015, I told myself that I was going to commit, to finally get this story written. I’ve pursued writing as more than just a hobby since then, devoting as much time as I could to my story.

The interesting aspect is, that over these last two years,  my story has evolved so much from what my original idea for it was. My world has grown and foundations have been set that I would’ve never even guessed to do. While the major key concepts of my story have only slightly changed, the characters which I present it through are completely different. At first my story was going to be the age old tell of an apprentice coming into an ancient trade, to eventually replace his mentor. While an aspect of this idea still remains true, I just had to add more. I want my world to feel alive, to feel as though when you’re reading my story that you’re slipping into another world.

I’m proud to say that finally after nearly two years I’ve gotten a good portion of my story down, and want to share it here with you all. But not quite yet. In the coming days I hope to make a official post detailing my story a little more along with (hopefully) a book cover. In the coming months I also want to release small excerpts from my story, mainly for feedback but also to pique interest in those who wish to know more.

Until then, I’ll get back to writing



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