The Blue Journal

About a month ago I ventured out to the nearest office supply store and bought myself a a little blue journal. I had no idea why I really bought it, I had no plans for what to use it for. A little over a week ago now, when I was working on Arbiter, it came to me. I wanted to fill this journal with my very own private writing. Short stories, poetry, ideas for my novel, anything that had to do with my writing. All in one little place.

While I still fully intend to post on here, I’ve found it so relieving to be able to pull this journal out and just jot down whatever is floating around my head. Filling these pages is almost like a game now, and I can’t wait to be able to look back on these scribbles and see how much I’ve grown. I definitely recommend grabbing a journal for those who like to be able to reflect on their work over time.

I honestly get inspirations at the most random of times, from the morning commute to the mindless labor at work. The urge to write comes like an animal dying of thirst, and all I want to do is to quench that thirst immediately. More often than not, I can’t because I’m busy. Then I’ll finally get home and feel too exhausted or have writers block. It’s an ongoing problem for me, and I hope this journal (being portable and whatnot) will help solve some of these problems.

Life goes on




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