A Commitment

I’ve had a story in my head now for, at least, the last three years of my life. Every time I begin to put it to words, I start strong only to fizzle out after a few weeks. Well this is where I put my foot down.

Life will only grow more and more complicated from here. While I am still in school, I want to finish this story. Even if it never gets published or if it is never even read by someone else, I need to finish it. I need to prove to myself that I can follow through on something, that I can complete something once I’ve set my mind on it. All too many times I’ve started a project only to abandon it. I can’t keep doing this to myself.

I want to use this blog to keep myself on track, to record my progress through this. I’ll also use it is a creative outlet for any other pieces I write, from short stories to rants on modern day topics. So give me a follow if you’re interested, and let the ride begin.




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