Redlands – Flash Fiction #2

I woke to the feeling of the ground shaking beneath me. My eyes flicked open, the dry air smacking me in the face as I exhaled shakily. I peeled my cheek off the red caked earth, my hands pushing into the loose dirt as I sat up. I blinked slowly, trying to understand what I […]

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Rubyn Ross – Flash Fiction #1

“This could’ve all been avoided, you know that right?” Rubyn held her tongue, not giving the android the satisfaction of a reaction from her. He was right at least ninety percent of the time but there was no way she would ever tell him that. It would just go straight to his computer head.  Drogal […]

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The Coarse Bookseller

These past few days I’ve been vacationing near The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee / North Carolina. One morning we decided to venture out and about, looking for new places to explore in the surrounding area. As we drove, one sign in particular caught my eye. It read “Book Store: Over 200,000 books!” […]

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Touching the Clouds

I’ve spent the last few days in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is going to be cliche but all I can say is they’re absolutely magnificent. I’ve been here once before about two years ago, but deep into fall where all the trees were already bare. Now in late summer, the trees are […]

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My Story

As some of my family and closest friends know, I have had a story in my head for nearly three years now. In July of 2015, I told myself that I was going to commit, to finally get this story written. I’ve pursued writing as more than just a hobby since then, devoting as much […]

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Let’s Go

My entire life I’ve always told myself that when I was older I would travel around and go see the world. Now that I’m 20, I’m starting to realize that no matter what I do, if I keep pushing it off, it’ll never happen. “Travel broadens the mind” they say. How desperately I want to […]

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Arbiter – A Short Fiction

Hi there! I wrote this short fiction story in response to a local journal’s call for submissions. A small part of me was honestly afraid to submit and have my work criticized heavily, and I also missed the deadline. I really enjoyed writing this piece and wanted to share it with you all. I’d paste […]

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